Leeyonce’s clapback gets her international recognition

Leeyonce's clapback gets her international recognition

Leeyonce’s clapback gets her international recognition


photographer and plus size sensation, Lesego ” Thick Leeyonce” Legobane is about to be featured in U.S publication, Teen Vogue, after putting a tweep in his place for trying to body shame her.
the photographer who was noticed by The wellness editor of the International magazine who reached ut to the model via twitter
This invitation then prompted other international publications and TV channels to hop on the bandwagon.
and if you know the young photographer, then you should know that she is not negative about her personality,
the photographer who made her name in the entertianment industry, tho not only by her work but by her confidence and support of all women, mostly those of a larger size.

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The tweep known as Leyton Mokgerepi thought he was dragging the beauty but in actual fact, he dragged her straight into the right hands and well unto prosperity.


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